Talyeer's Eberron Campaign

First Session

Brief summery of the first session of the campaign

Everyone was sitting in a tavern when an orc bursts in. The orc, after being shot several times by merchants, politely lets the tavern patrons run out to the streets and collapses to the ground. The PCs spent time cleaning up minor fire damage from an orcish raiding party from the south and were approached by an elderly man. The man pleaded for them to go after his daughter and they agreed. The druid, Edio, was unwilling but after he made it clear he was after druidic knowladge, the man was more than willing to tell him about a druid that had a northern grove when last seen. If they brought his daughter back. The group ventured forth after the raiding party back to a mountain-side complex. The group entered the complex and discovered that the walls were of Dwarven contractor make. They reached a crossroads and decided to go left. After reaching a semi-ornate door, Dastor, the rogue, checked for traps and they entered. They then killed two orcs occupying the library. Inside the library was a dead cleric and various books. They looted the bookshelves and the orc corpses and found the following.
+1 Dagger
Scroll of minor healing (divine)
1 GP

Also, they noticed a blue haze around the room and tried to discern any magic effects it may have but found none.



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